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Why We Are Unique

NioCorp is a unique company with a very unique flagship investment opportunity represented by the Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project.  This Project is one of the few pure-play critical minerals projects in the U.S. with a definitive feasibility study completed, key U.S. federal permits already obtained, and strong support from local residents in Nebraska.  Here are just a few other reasons why NioCorp and the Elk Creek Project are so unique:

    • The Company is guided by a Board of Directors and a senior management team that is one of the the most highly experienced in the industry.  NioCorp’s CEO and Executive Board Chair, Mark Smith, has successfully raised more than US$3 billion in investment capital for various mining and advanced materials manufacturing companies. 
    • Mark Smith is the single largest individual shareholder in NioCorp.  In fact, he purchased the majority of his current holdings in NIoCorp on the open market prior to joining the Company. 
    • The Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project represents the highest-grade primary Niobium resource in North America, and it is the only such resource under development in the U.S. 
    • All three of NIoCorp’s planned products have been designated as “Critical Minerals” by the U.S. Government.  
    • When operational, the Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Facility will inaugurate the first production in the U.S. in decades of Niobium, and the first-ever production in the U.S. of Scandium from a greenfield mine. 
    • 75% of the Company’s Niobium product (Ferroniobium) is already under an enforceable sales contract for the first 10 years of production. 
    • Approximately 10% of the Company’s expected Scandium production over its first 10 years of operations has been sold to Traxys North America LLC, a global leader in specialty metals. 
    • As a result of NioCorp’s pre-production sale of 50% of its expected Niobium production to ThyssenKrupp of Germany, NioCorp has received in-principle eligibility for a German Government Loan Guarantee of approximately $130M. 
    • The size of the Elk Creek deposit is large and has a very long (32 years) estimated mine life
    • The Elk Creek Project enjoys strong and widespread public support among local residents in Nebraska.

Bloomberg Story:  "First-Ever U.S. Mining of Rare Metals Could Come From Nebraska"

Read this article from Bloomberg's BNS News Service, written by environment and energy reporter Stephen Lee, about NioCorp's proposed Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project and its potential to initiate production in the U.S. of niobium and scandium.

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See this latest corporate presentation from NioCorp about the company and its unique Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project.  Included in this presentation are links to interesting and informative videos about the Elk Creek Project.

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NioCorp CEO and Executive Chair Mark Smith explains the significance of NioCorp's recent Scandium sales contract with Traxys.

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