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Why We Are Unique

NioCorp is a unique company with a very unique flagship investment opportunity represented by the Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project.  This Project is one of the few pure-play critical minerals projects in the U.S. with a definitive feasibility study completed, key U.S. federal permits already obtained, and strong support from local residents in Nebraska.  Here are just a few other reasons why NioCorp and the Elk Creek Project are so unique:

    • The Company is guided by a Board of Directors and a senior management team that is one of the the most highly experienced in the industry.  NioCorp’s CEO and Executive Board Chair, Mark Smith, has successfully raised more than US$3 billion in investment capital for various mining and advanced materials manufacturing companies.
    • Mark Smith is the single largest individual shareholder in NioCorp, and he purchased the majority of his current holdings in NIoCorp on the open market prior to joining the Company.
    • The Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project represents the highest-grade primary Niobium resource in North America, and it is the only such resource under development in the U.S.
    • All three of NIoCorp’s planned products have been designated as “Critical Minerals” by the U.S. Government.
    • When operational, the Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Facility will inaugurate the first production in the U.S. in decades of Niobium, and the first-ever production in the U.S. of Scandium from a greenfield mine.
    • 75% of the Company’s Niobium product (Ferroniobium) is already under an enforceable sales contract for the first 10 years of production.
    • Approximately 10% of the Company’s expected Scandium production over its first 10 years of operations has been sold to Traxys North America LLC, a global leader in specialty metals.
    • As a result of NioCorp’s pre-production sale of 50% of its expected Niobium production to ThyssenKrupp of Germany, NioCorp has received in-principle eligibility for a German Government Loan Guarantee of approximately $130M.
    • The size of the Elk Creek deposit is large and has a very long (36 years) estimated mine life.
    • The Elk Creek Project enjoys strong and widespread public support among local residents in Nebraska.

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