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The superalloy materials that NioCorp intends to produce at the Elk Creek Project are critical and strategic materials to a wide range of advanced technologies, from things we use in everyday life to advanced defense platforms to environmentally beneficial applications that help keep our world cleaner.

You can learn more about these amazing superalloy materials and their revolutionary uses in our world through the information below.



About Niobium

Niobium is a powerful steel strengthener and superalloy metal.  Learn about this high-value and rare metal that NioCorp intends to produce at its Elk Creek Facility.

About Scandium

The Scandium that NioCorp plans to produce promises to deliver potentially game changing technological, economic, and environmental benefits to many different industries.

About Titanium

NioCorp plans to produce titanium as a byproduct at the Elk Creek Facility.  Learn more about this extraordinarily strong metal that is used in a wide variety of civilian and national defense applications.

The Elk Creek Project

NioCorp’s proposed Elk Creek Project will be the highest grade niobium project in North America, as well as one of the largest prospective producers of scandium in the world.  Learn more about this highly project.

Latest News

Want to review the latest news about NioCorp and the Elk Creek Project?  Here is a list of recent news releases issued by NioCorp.  You can sign up to receive all news releases via email by signing up here


See a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers about a variety of topics regarding NioCorp and its proposed Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project.

Critical Minerals

What are Critical Minerals?  Learn more about why the U.S. Government officially declared all three of NioCorp’s planned products as critical.

Elk Creek Feasibility Study

View a print-ready (PDF) version of NioCorp’s Revised Technical Report related to the Feasibility Study of the Company’s Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project in Nebraska.

Virtual Tour

See this video and take a virtual tour of NioCorp’s Elk Creek Project, and learn about the importance of superalloy metals.

Superalloy Blog Posts

SUPERALLOY BLOG: Critical Minerals Mining Means New High-Tech Jobs

SUPERALLOY BLOG: Critical Minerals Mining Means New High-Tech Jobs

The more we mine and manufacture our own critical minerals and materials, the more secure our collective economic and national security will be.  But there is another compelling driver behind the resurgence of interest in critical minerals mining and manufacturing:  high-tech jobs and economic growth for states and localities.

ESG: Good for the Environment, Good for Business Investment

ESG: Good for the Environment, Good for Business Investment

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors play a major role in any business, particularly those involved in natural resource development. Doing right by the environment while we serve the needs of our customers, and serving our society’s need for critical minerals, are central to the mission of the NioCorp team.

The Fundamentals of Ferroniobium

The Fundamentals of Ferroniobium

The technology and market fundamentals of ferroniobium, a critical and strategic material vital to many defense and civilian applications, are increasingly compelling to producers, consumers, and government policymakers. The fundamentals of ferroniobium coalesce to form an exciting and robust future for this critical material.

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