NioCorp’s Commitment to Sustainability

NioCorp has committed to integrating sustainability as much as possible in the development and eventual commercial operation of our Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project.

Part of our sustainability mission is incorporating elements of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into our business model and planned operations, such as environmental performance, sustainability, resource use, health and safety, engagement with local residents, corporate governance, respect for human rights, and operational transparency.

Corporate ESG performance is increasingly vital to both business risk assessment and to the identification of business opportunities.  This is especially true as markets, and government regulation, are assigning higher value to companies that deliver product and/or services that can lightweight transportation and other systems, reduce fuel consumption, cut air emissions, and mitigate other environmental impacts.  A number of large mining and strategic materials producers have integrated ESG frameworks into their business and production operations.

Corporate ESG performance also is key to investment decision-making by an ever-larger number of global investment groups.  For example, sustainable investing strategies now represent more than 60% of professionally managed assets for investors in the European Union, according to research conducted by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance.  Further, signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (“UNPRI”) now manage an estimated $60 trillion in assets, according to the UNPRI.



NioCorp's Environmental and Social Governance Policy


On August 11, 2023, the NioCorp Board's Safety and Sustainability Committee approved the following as the Company's Environmental and Social Governance Policy:

As an environmentally informed and socially responsible company, NioCorp has implemented an Environmental and Social Management System (“ESMS") that conforms to the Equator Principles.  Our directors, officers and employees are committed to the following:

  • Preventing, reducing, or limiting negative environmental, social and climate impacts and continuously improving the environmental and social benefits of our operations.
  • Supporting the conservation and protection of biodiversity and sustainably managing energy and water resources.
  • Avoiding negative impacts on the living conditions, livelihoods, and land tenure of the communities in which we operate.
  • Ensuring the health and safety of our own employees and requiring that our suppliers and contractors implement measures that meet our standards.
  • Prohibiting discrimination and combating harassment of any kind in our operations while supporting the freedom of association for our employees.
  • Complying with all relevant environmental, social, health and safety laws and regulations as well as international standards that are applicable.
  • Developing and maintaining clear and open communication channels between NioCorp, our employees, third-party suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.
  • Ensuring that anyone who works for and on behalf of NioCorp is both responsible and accountable for maintaining acceptable environmental and social performance and identifying and acting in response to potential environmental and social risks.

This policy statement and NioCorp’s ESMS represent our commitment to maintaining a high level of performance with respect to environmental and social issues that impact our business.  We are committed to periodic audits to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of our ESMS.


/Mark A. Smith/

Mark A. Smith
Executive Chairman, President, and CEO




The Equator Principles

NioCorp's ESG program was designed to be in compliance with the Equator Principles, a financial industry benchmark for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in projects.  The Equator Principles are intended to serve as a common baseline and risk management framework for financial institutions to identify, assess and manage environmental and social risks when financing Projects.

NioCorp is in compliance with the latest iteration of the Equator Principles (EP4).

To learn more about the Equator Principles, please go here.


Environmental and Community Assessment Summary for Elk Creek

In 2022, NioCorp commissioned an independent Environmental and Community Assessment to be conducted by Olsson & Associates, a nationally recognized, employee-owned engineering and design firm based in Omaha, Nebraska.

A summary of the Environmental and Community Assessment can be seen here.




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