NioCorp Share Structure

As of March, 31, 2023, the Company has one class of shares, being Common Shares, with the following share structure.  Following disclosure of these totals in our Feb. 13, 2023 10Q filing for the quarter ended Dec. 31, 2022, NioCorp executed a 1-for-10 reverse split of its common shares.  Updated totals for these securities will be provided in our 10Q filing for the quarter ended March 31, 2023.

  Shares Outstanding
Excluded potential dilutive securities (1)(2)  
Issued: 30,081,655
Options:1 1,561,500
Warrants:1 19,257,515
Convertible Debt2 2,723,500
Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding 23,542,515


1 The number of shares is based on the maximum number of shares issuable on exercise or conversion of the related securities as of the period end. Such amounts have not been adjusted for the treasury stock method or weighted average outstanding calculations as required if the securities were dilutive.

2  Earnout shares, as defined in NioCorp’s most recent 10K filing with the SEC, are excluded as the vesting terms were not met as of the end of the reporting period.

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