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About NioCorp

NioCorp Developments Ltd. is a U.S.-based mineral development company focused on developing several critical minerals from the proposed Elk Creek, Nebraska Critical Minerals Mine.  NioCorp plans to produce three commercial mineral products — Niobium, Scandium, and Titanium — from a single ore body that also is enriched in all of the rare earth elements.  Together, these critical minerals represent some of the most vital ingredients to the success of a wide variety of greenhouse gas-reducing technologies, including electric and hybrid vehicles, renewable energy systems, lightweight transportation systems, and high-efficiency motors and appliances.

NioCorp’s Elk Creek Project is highly unique.  It is North America’s only niobium / scandium / titanium project. It is the highest grade niobium project in North America. It is one of the largest prospective producers of scandium in the world. Once in production, it will initiate the first production in the U.S. in decades of Niobium and Scandium. All three of the Project’s proposed superalloy metals have been designed as “Critical Minerals” by the U.S. Government, as have the Rare earth elements.

NioCorp’s Elk Creek Project is one of the few pure-play critical minerals projects in the U.S. that has completed a definitive feasibility study, has already secured key U.S. federal permits, and enjoys strong state and local support.

NioCorp is led by a distinguished Board of Directors and a highly experienced management team.

NioCorp is a publicly traded company that is listed on both the Nasdaq Stock Market, under the ticker symbol “NB,” and on the Toronto Stock Exchange, also under the ticker symbol “NB.”  To learn more about investing in NioCorp, please visit our Investor Center.

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