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The Elk Creek Project’s Benefits to Nebraska

NioCorp’s proposed Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project will establish Nebraska as a world leader in the production of two critical and strategic superalloy metals:  Niobium and Scandium.  It also will deliver very powerful macroeconomic benefits to Nebraska, such as those summarized below.

[et_pb_jt_counter admin_label=”Employee Payroll” prefix=”$” suffix=”M” count_to_number=”39″ _builder_version=”3.19.4″ number_text_color=”#05aa00″ number_font_size=”3.4em”][/et_pb_jt_counter]

Average annual employee payroll once facility is in full operation.

[et_pb_jt_counter admin_label=”Cumulative Employee Payroll over 20 years” prefix=”$” suffix=”M” count_to_number=”835″ _builder_version=”3.19.4″ number_text_color=”rgba(5,170,0,0.85)” number_font_size=”3.4em”][/et_pb_jt_counter]

Cumulative Employee Payroll over 20 years of initial operations.

[et_pb_jt_counter admin_label=”Cumulative royalties paid” prefix=”$” suffix=”M” count_to_number=”148″ _builder_version=”3.19.4″ number_text_color=”rgba(5,170,0,0.67)” number_font_size=”3.4em”][/et_pb_jt_counter]

Cumulative royalties paid to local landowners over the initial 20 years of operation.

[et_pb_jt_counter admin_label=”Total CAPEX” prefix=”$” suffix=”B” count_to_number=”1.08″ _builder_version=”3.19.4″ number_text_color=”#00537c” number_font_size=”3.4em”][/et_pb_jt_counter]

Total capital expenditures for facility construction.

[et_pb_jt_counter admin_label=”Cumulative OPEX” prefix=”$” suffix=”B” count_to_number=”3.4″ _builder_version=”3.19.4″ number_text_color=”rgba(0,83,124,0.79)” number_font_size=”3.4em”][/et_pb_jt_counter]

Cumulative operating expenditures for the facility over the initial 20 years of operation.

[et_pb_jt_counter admin_label=”Estimated average annual tax revenue” prefix=”$” suffix=”M” count_to_number=”28″ _builder_version=”3.19.4″ number_text_color=”#0bb1c6″ number_font_size=”3.4em”][/et_pb_jt_counter]

Estimated average annual tax revenue to Nebraska governments.

[et_pb_jt_counter admin_label=”Cumulative tax revenue over 20 years” prefix=”$” suffix=”M” count_to_number=”493″ _builder_version=”3.19.4″ number_text_color=”rgba(11,177,198,0.81)” number_font_size=”3.4em”][/et_pb_jt_counter]

Estimated cumulative tax revenue to Nebraska over the initial 20 years  of operation.

Macroeconomic Benefits to Nebraska:  An Analysis


Click on the image below to download a more detailed analysis of the many macro-economic benefits to Nebraska that are expected to be delivered by the Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project.


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